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Computer Science Changelog

Check out the recent content updates to the Computer Science Domain. πŸ“

March 15th, 2021

QA’ed and updated content in every module in the CS101: Introduction to Programming track within the Computer Science Path, as well as Learn Python 3.

  • πŸ†• Added feature: Career Path Groups
  • πŸ†• Added module: Course Overview
  • πŸ†• Added portfolio project: Python Terminal Program
  • πŸ†• Added article: Python Scope
  • πŸ†• Added article: Combining Lists: The Zip Function
  • πŸ— Rewrote module: Lists
  • πŸ— Rewrote module: Loops
  • πŸ— Rewrote module: Functions
  • πŸ— Moved modules around for an easier ramp-up.
  • πŸ— Moved Code Challenges to its own module.
  • πŸ› Fixed recent bug reports

January 13th, 2021

Restructured and polished the first three modules of the Computer Science Path and Learn Python 3.

  • πŸ†• Added feature: GitHub Repo
  • πŸ†• Added project: Block Letters
  • πŸ†• Added project: Magic 8-Ball
  • πŸ†• Added lesson: Errors in Python
  • πŸ— Removed Functions from the Control Flow module
  • πŸ› Fixed recent bug reports

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