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Data Science Change Log

Check out the recent changes to the Data Science domain content.

Feb 26, 2021 - Updates to the Learn to Program Alexa and Learn Conversational Design with Alexa Courses

Content Updates, the browser-based tool for testing your Alexa skills, is going to be deprecated in the coming weeks. We’ve removed all references to and instead referred learners to the Alexa skill simulator on the Test page in the Alexa Developer Console. There should be no impact on your existing progress in the courses.

January 21, 2021 - Updates to the Data Scientist Career Path

Content Updates

Since we’ve developed the Data Analyst Career Path and recently launched the Master Statistics Skill Path, we wanted to include new, relevant content in the Data Scientist Career Path. The following units will be updated:

  • Python Fundamentals: In Python Syntax, there is a new article about variable types.
  • Data Acquisition: In SQL, we’ve included two more helpful external resources.
  • Data Manipulation: The challenge project This Is Jeopardy! has been moved from Hypothesis Testing to this unit where it is a better fit.
  • Data Wrangling and Tidying: We’ve added new articles and external content on Tidy Data and Exploratory Data Analysis.
  • Summary Statistics and Hypothesis Testing: Our new content sets up a more solid statistics foundation for burgeoning data scientists and analysts.
    • Variable Types — article, lesson, quiz and project
    • Summary Statistics for Categorical Data — lesson, quiz, and project
    • Visualizing Categorical Data — lesson, quiz, and project
    • Data Transformation — 3 articles, project
    • Associations between Variables — article, 3 lessons, quiz, project
    • Exploratory Data Analysis for Summary Statistics — article
    • Hypothesis Testing: Testing an Association — 2 lessons, 1 quiz
    • Experimental Design — article, 2 lessons, quiz, project
  • Data Visualization: We’ve added a new article and external resources for EDA, plus a new external resource for selecting visualizations. The Twitch projects have been updated, and your progress may be impacted here.
  • Communicating Data Science Findings: There’s a new, helpful external resource here.
  • Additional SQL has been renamed SQL for Interview Prep with the addition of more advanced SQL content, including Window Functions, and common interview problems.

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