HTML/CSS Community Challenge

A challenge made by and for the community ❤️

The challenge: Create a webpage that replicates the following webpage.

NetScape Navigator

Here is the Netscape Challenge Material you’ll need to get started.

How to Enter:

  • You must be a Codecademy Pro member.
  • Send your project submission in a private reply to Jorge Segura’s post about the challenge. You must send your GitHub repository of the project AND its corresponding GitHub page.
  • The prize deadline for submission is April 17, 2020 11:59 pm EST.

Challenge Rules:

  • Using only plain HTML and plain CSS (no Bootstrap, for example).
  • Links have to be highlighted when the cursor hovers over it.
  • We recommend against the CSS float property for page layouts because using floats for page layouts is not best practice.
  • Originality and readability of your code (make it your own and use style conventions and comments to keep things legible).

The winner will be the one who presents the most similar outcome (webpage) in comparison to the original webpage. If there’s a draw on similarity, the contestant who used the fewest words in their code will be the winner. We don’t count “trivia” such as comments, spaces, and end-lines as words.

🌟 Winner will be announced the last week of April.