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Piecing It All Together

Take everything you've learned before and combine it with this module to create a fullstack application.

What Was Covered

When you first started, you covered the basics of Wix. You learned how to drag and drop Wix elements onto the page. You edited text and style, and did all sorts of alterations through the Wix editor. You were already able to do so much, but you took your abilities even further and grew yourself as a web developer.

Working on frontend code, you used the $w selector to choose elements on the page and programmatically manipulate them. You were able to add event listeners to buttons, images, and text that respond to your users.

You’ve even worked on backend code. Creating collections to store data and then using that information in datasets, collections, and rendering elements. You were able to create web modules that hide sensitive user information and query for important statistics.

What’s Left To Do

Now, you’ll continue your journey into web development by creating a fullstack application — which combines your knowledge of frontend and backend code.

You’ll learn how to make requests to other websites, and their APIs, and make use of external resources. This new ability to incorporate information from other sites will greatly expand your possibilities of what your own site(s) have to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s finish this up!

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