Setting up a Wix account

If you're going to build a website with Wix, you need to make an account! Read this article to see the easy step by step process.

Setting up an account on Wix is quick and simple. First, visit and you’ll be on the homepage.

Click on the Sign in button and you’ll be led to the Sign Up page that has multiple ways to create an account.

Wix's sign up page

Fill in your information on the left-hand panel and sign up! Or if you prefer to sign up for an account using your existing Facebook or Google account, click on either button to do so.

You’ll get an email to confirm your email/account and… that’s it. Congrats, you just made a Wix account!

After successfully signing up, Wix also asks you some questions to get a sense of your website needs. This makes it even easier to get started on creating a website using one of their hundreds of templates. With Wix, you can quickly customize your template and share your creation with the world!