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Assign a Custom Domain Name to Your Website
Custom Domain III

Now it’s time to select a domain name and make sure it’s available.

Route 53 allows you to search the availability of a domain name you have in mind. It also offers many suffixes, like .com, .io, .me, and .pizza. If the domain name you want is unavailable as a .com for example, you can try using a different suffix.

The suffixes of domain names are known as top-level domains (TLDs). Different TLDs cost different annual prices.

Note: .com domains are the most popular and are therefore generally unavailable (or expensive).


1. In the text field, type in a domain name you have in mind. Do not type in www. before the domain name.

For example, if you wanted to try purchasing our domain name, you would type in codecademy and select the .com TLD in the dropdown menu.

2. Once you’ve entered a domain name you like, click the button on the right labeled “Check” to see if it’s available.

3. If you’d like to purchase the domain name, select it and continue through the rest of the checkout process.

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