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Basic Method Syntax: Where

In method syntax, each query operator is written as a regular method call.

In the last exercise we selected every element with a length under 8. Here it is in method syntax:

string[] heroes = { "D. Va", "Lucio", "Mercy", "Soldier 76", "Pharah", "Reinhardt" }; var shortHeroes = heroes.Where(h => h.Length < 8);

The where operator is written as the method Where(), which takes a lambda expression as an argument. Remember that lambda expressions are a quick way to write a method. In this case, the method returns true if h is less than 8 characters long.

Where() calls this lambda expression for every element in heroes. If it returns true, then the element is added to the resulting collection.

For example, the shortHeroes sequence from above would be:

[ D. Va, Lucio, Mercy, Pharah ]



Write a method-syntax query that selects all of the elements in heroes containing the character "i". Store the result in a variable named heroesWithI.


Print out all of the elements in heroesWithI to check your work.

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