If an HTML element needs to be styled uniquely (no matter what classes are applied to the element), we can add an ID to the element. To add an ID to an element, the element needs an id attribute:

<h1 id="large-title"> ... </h1>

Then, CSS can select HTML elements by their id attribute. To select an id element, CSS prepends the id name with a hashtag (#). For instance, if we wanted to select the HTML element in the example above, it would look like this:

#large-title { }

The id name is large-title, therefore the CSS selector for it is #large-title.



In style.css, add a CSS selector for an element with an id of article-title. Inside of its curly braces, write:

font-family: cursive; text-transform: capitalize;

These two CSS attributes will make the font cursive and will capitalize the first letter of each word, while lowercasing the rest.


Navigate to index.html. On line 11, add an id attribute to the h1 element, and include article-title as its id. You’ll see the title change to a cursive font that is not all uppercased.

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