CSS can select HTML elements by using an element’s tag name. A tag name is the word (or character) between HTML angle brackets.

For example, in HTML, the tag for a paragraph element is <p>. The CSS syntax for selecting <p> elements is:

p { }

In the example above, all paragraph elements will be selected using a CSS selector. The selector in the example above is p. Note that the CSS selector matches the HTML tag for that element, but without the angle brackets.

In addition, two curly braces follow immediately after the selector (an opening and closing brace, respectively). Any CSS properties will go inside of the curly braces to style the selected elements.



In style.css, add a selector for <h1> elements.

Note: The content of the web page will update because we’ve already linked index.html and style.css for you.


Inside the curly braces of the h1 selector you just declared, write:

color: maroon;

This code will make the text color of all <h1> tags maroon.

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