String Methods

The concat() method concatenates one string to the end of another string. Concatenation is the operation of joining two strings together.

Suppose we have a String called str1 and another String called str2, using str1.concat(str2) would return str1 with str2 appended to the end of it.

For example:

String name = "Code"; name = name.concat("cademy"); System.out.println(name);

Codecademy would be printed.

In the code block above, we changed the value of name by reassigning it with a new value. However, concat() doesn’t actually change the value of the original string.

Suppose we do something slightly different:

String name = "Code"; name.concat("cademy"); System.out.println(name);

Code would be printed instead.



Store your first name in firstName and your last name in lastName.

Print out your full name using concat().

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