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Learn Python: Function Arguments
Passing Containers as Arguments

Not only can we accept arbitrarily many parameters to a function in our definition, but Python also supports a syntax that makes deconstructing any data that you have on hand to feed into a function that accepts these kinds of unpacked arguments. The syntax is very similar, but is used when a function is called, not when it’s defined.

def takes_many_args(*args): print(','.join(args)) long_list_of_args = [145, "Mexico City", 10.9, "85C"] # We can use the asterisk "*" to deconstruct the container. # This makes it so that instead of a list, a series of four different # positional arguments are passed to the function takes_many_args(*long_list_of_args) # Prints "145,Mexico City,10.9,85C"

We can use the * when calling the function that takes a series of positional parameters to unwrap a list or a tuple. This makes it easy to provide a sequence of arguments to a function even if that function doesn’t take a list as an argument. Similarly we can use ** to destructure a dictionary.

def pour_from_sink(temperature="Warm", flow="Medium") set_temperature(temperature) set_flow(flow) open_sink() # Our function takes two keyword arguments # If we make a dictionary with their parameter names... sink_open_kwargs = { 'temperature': 'Hot', 'flow': "Slight", } # We can destructure them and pass to the function pour_from_sink(**sink_open_kwargs) # Equivalent to the following: # pour_from_sink(temperature="Hot", flow="Slight")

So we can also use dictionaries and pass them into functions as keyword arguments with that syntax. Notice that our pour_from_sink() function doesn’t even accept arbitrary **kwargs. We can use this destructuring syntax even when the function has a specific number of keyword or positional arguments it accepts. We just need to be careful that the object we’re destructuring matches the length (and names, if a dictionary) of the signature of the function we’re passing it into.



We’ve got a latecomer to the new create_products syntax who wants to still pass in a dictionary. Unpack new_product_dict while passing it to create_products() as an argument.

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