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The stack data structure

A stack is a data structure that follows a last in, first out (LIFO) protocol. The latest node added to a stack is the node which is eligible to be removed first. If three nodes (a, b and, c) are added to a stack in this exact same order, the node c must be removed first. The only way to remove or return the value of the node a is by removing the nodes c and b.

Stacks: Conceptual
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    A stack is a data structure which contains an ordered set of data. Stacks provide three methods for interaction: - Push - adds data to the “top” of the stack - Pop - returns and removes data from…
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    Stacks can be implemented using a linked list as the underlying data structure because it’s more efficient than a list or array. Depending on the implementation, the top of the stack is equivalen…
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    Let’s take a minute to review what we’ve covered about stacks in this lesson. Stacks: - Contain data nodes - Support three main operations - Push adds data to the top of the stack - Pop remov…

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